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Formwork and scaffolding from one source for Berlin´s City Palace

Sep 1, 2015

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Sep 1, 2015
Berlin, Germany
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"Humboldt Forum" City Palace, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

For the reconstruction of Berlin´s City Palace, PERI supplied cost-effective formwork and scaffolding solutions from one source. In addition to providing large quantities of wall, column and slab formwork with fast shuttering and moving times as well as flexibly used scaffolding materials, the on-site support provided by the PERI engineers ensured that all requirements could be fulfilled along with maintaining the tight construction schedule.

The Berlin City Palace is located on the Spree Island is being reconstructed for the most part according to the old plans. The 180 m long, 120 m wide and 35 m high outer shell as well as the 70 m high cupola roof will continue to shine brightly in the future in the historical Baroque style while inside a modern House of World Cultures will be realized. Berlin´s new landmark will exhibit international collections and science-historical works under the auspices of the Humboldt Forum; in addition, a section of the Central and Regional Library will also find a home here.

Fast construction progress

Within a very short time, 85,000 m³ of concrete and 16,000 t of steel were installed. In order to ensure that rapid construction progress could be realized, large quantities of formwork and scaffolding materials were in everyday use. In addition to the provision of modern and time-saving systems, full consideration of all construction tasks in particular was an important element of the PERI overall solution. The well thought-out safety technology, provision of project-specific special formwork assemblies, project management by the PERI project leader as well as the planning and supply of formwork and scaffolding from one source has had a extremely positive effect along with accelerating the work processes.

Time advantages when forming walls and columns

Over 6,000 m² of MAXIMO Panel Formwork were in use at the same time in Berlin. In particular, the one-sided MX tie technology guaranteed significant time savings in all shuttering and striking operations. Then, spacer tubes and cones are not required with MAXIMO – this saves having an extra worker on the opposite side. The QUATTRO Column Formwork was moved as complete units using only one crane lift with the Concreting Platform and integrated access ladders with safety cages remaining securely fixed to the formwork.

Slab formwork with rapid cycle sequences

For the forming of the reinforced concrete slabs, systematic shuttering operations could be carried out with a total of 10,000 m² SKYDECK formwork materials and – due to the low individual weights of the SKYDECK system components made of aluminium – easily stripped again. The drophead system also ensured fast cycle sequences with a simultaneous reduction in material usage as the panels and main beams were already available for the next cycle after only one day. The support for the large slab heights was provided by the lightweight MULTIPROP aluminum props which in turn could be easily supplemented by shoring towers which were created by means of MRK frames.

Comprehensive overall solution

Due to the PERI solution with external CB Climbing Platforms, no facade scaffolding for the shell construction was required. In the area of the main entrance on the west side, PERI Berlin also produced project-specific special formwork and delivered this ready-for-use to the construction site – planned and assembled with a high degree of dimensional accuracy, delivered on-time and with maximum cost security for the project management due to the pre-defined fixed prices. For the circular reinforced concrete walls of the cupola, the RUNDFLEX Circular Formwork was used together with FB 180 Folding Platforms. The final stage of the cupola construction was carried out using PERI UP Shoring and Working Scaffold.

Reconstruction in the historical centre

The most significant project here is the reconstruction of the Imperial City Palace which was heavily damaged in 1945 and subsequently completely demolished. In the post-war years, the East German government had the Palace of the Republic built on the same site. Its demolition a few years ago due to a high level of asbestos-related risks then paved the way for the current restoration of the historic centre of Berlin. German President, Joachim Gauck, laid the foundation stone for the Berlin City Palace on 12th June 2013 with around 1,000 guests attending the official ceremony. Exactly 2 years later, the topping out ceremony was celebrated on 12th June 2015.