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HD 200 Heavy-Duty Prop


HD 200 is the solution comprised of individual prop sections for loads up to 200 kN. The easy handling facilitates fast assembly. The props are very flexible in their application – from structural renovation through to bridge construction. For an extended range of applications, the individual props can be connected to form main beam areas.

Fast assembly requiring no tools
through integrated chord couplings for connecting the individual sections

Assembly by hand
with lightweight individual components – the largest aluminium section weighs less than 30 kg

Controlled lowering
up to 10 cm with the lowering device

Can also be used as a main beam area
by connecting the props by means of main beams; diagonal bracing with system components without requiring any welding

Technical Details

  • Shoring prop consisting of coupled aluminum sections for medium-heavy shoring (steel sections for higher loads and larger support heights); can also be used as main beam area
  • For loads up to 200 kN
  • Assembly in 30 cm increments up to 12.20 m total height (without intermediate supports)
  • 3 aluminium prop sections (30 cm | 90 cm | 270 cm) and 2 steel sections (90 cm | 210 cm)
  • Head Spindle with 3° tiltable Head Plate
  • Lowering device with 10 cm lowering range for easy lowering when fully loaded