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T3003 TBM Platform

Project data

Location: East Coast, Singapore

Advanced Sewer System
A special designed PERI UP platform supports the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) which consists of 3 parts. After the vertical break through it was lowered on a support frame which was located on top of the PERI platform to be disconnected and lifted up by a mobile crane (21 m). The total weight of the TBM was 81 tons.


  • Temporary platform for TBM 


Ed. Züblin AG – Singapore Branch 

Customer's benefit

  • PERI Products can bear high pressure
  • Stability guaranteed 
Mr Peerapat Sipongsai | Mr Jittinong Hitmengsong
Project Engineer | Site Engineer

Mantling PERI products is very easy and the quality is very good.
The PERI Formwork Instructor being on site is a great benefit for us.

PERI solution

  • Climbing rail from the RCS Rail Climbing System was used to distribute the load evenly to the PERI UP platform

PERI systems in use