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City Gateway @ Gardens by the Bay

Project data

Location: Marina Drive, Singapore

Situated inside Singapore’s awe-inspiring Gardens by the Bay, the existing area of SG50 The Future of Us exhibition will be refurbished into an all-in-one hub “City Gateway“ that offers visitor amenities, events and even house a horticulture-based attraction.

Apart from the existing lattice structure, two additional architectures will be built. Therefore, table formworks are required to support the precast beams and slabs of both architectures. With both PERI PD 8 Slab Table and ST 100 Stacking Tower, they made it possible to provide support of the precast slabs of height 4.5 m and 6 m respectively – using frames ranging from 1.5 m to 2.0 m. Additionally, the precast beams are supported by the combination of PD 8 Table and a part of PERI UP components, UVH 50.


Tableformwork needed to support the precast beams and slabs


Sub Contractor: Prelim Construction Pte Ltd

Customer's benefit

  • Good housekeeping
  • Low labour intensive

PERI solution

PD 8 Table, ST 100 and part of PERI UP components, UVH 50 are used to support the precast of beams and slabs