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LPS Lightweight Climbing Enclosure


The LPS with its mesh enclosure is the lightweight alternative to heavy, enclosed protection panel systems. Nevertheless, the system effectively seals off the inner areas against the effects of the wind; at the same time, it is light-permeable. LPS is used as a
vertically continuous climbing protection panel; alternatively, an integrated working platform provides access to the slab stopend formwork. Rail-guided
climbing ensures a safe and fast moving procedure.

Fast assembly
Mesh enclosure assembly without a crane in a very short time; alternatively, can also be delivered pre-assembled

Lightweight mesh panels
Reduced load on the building due to permeable structure; can therefore also be used for thinner slabs

Variable use
Can be used as protection panel as well as with supplementary working platforms; mesh panels can also be combined with RCS

Technical Details

  • Lightweight enclosure with mesh panels, usable as a continuous straight assembly or alternatively with working platforms
  • Mesh panels also with telescoping function for easy adjustment to accommodate complicated building shapes
  • Rail-guided, safe climbing with crane or optional self-climbing with mobile hydraulics
  • Alternatively, can also be used with the RCS Rail Climbing System
  • Fast assembly by hand due to the low weights and simple clamping connection
  • Adjustable slab shoe for mounting on the slab with variable cantilevers and extendable platforms
  • As an option, can also be delivered pre-assembled