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QUATTRO Column Formwork


QUATTRO column formwork can be moved with only one crane lift complete with push-pull props and concreting platform – alternatively by hand using transportation wheels. As the formlining is screwed on at the rear, concrete surfaces subject to more stringent requirements can be realized with QUATTRO.

Time-saving shuttering and striking
with panels which can be tightened or separated with only a few simple steps.

Fast moving
of complete units with the crane, or optionally by hand with 4 transportation wheels for heights up to 3.50 m

For enhanced surface qualities
due to the plastic formlining being screwed on at the rear

Technical Details

  • For square or rectangular cross-sections from 20 cm x 20 cm up to 60 cm x 60 cm in 5 cm increments
  • Height adjustments up to 4.50 m in 25 cm increments with 4 different panel heights (0.50 m / 1.25 m / 2.75 m / 3.50 m)
  • Panel connections when extending through ring bolts that also serve as crane suspension
  • Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure 80 kN/m²
  • With working and concreting platforms as well as access ladders