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SKYTABLE is the ideal solution for the forming of large slab areas. For buildings with open facades, areas of up to 150 m² can be formed with this large-sized slab table. SKYTABLE operations are always project-specifically planned. The dimensions are in accordance with the building geometry and are only limited by the maximum dead weight of the table. With the remote-controlled lifting mechanism, SKYTABLE can be quickly and safely moved to other storeys.

Extremely quick
with very large forming surfaces, easy and simple lowering with short distances

Extremely safe
through a remote-controlled moving procedure of the tables from a safe position on the concreted slab

Extremely adaptable
through project-specific, individual planning

Technical Details

  • Project-related planned slab table with areas of up to 150 m²
  • 6.00 m to 24.40 m long and 1.80 m to 6.10 m wide with 2 trusses; 9.00 to 15.00 m long and 6.00 m to 9.00 m wide with 3 trusses
  • For slab thicknesses up to 40 cm
  • Easy moving throughout the storey by means of the Transportation Trolley and Lifting Unit STM with integrated chain hoist; transport into the next storey with remote-controlled lifting mechanism
  • Load transfer via MULTIPROP Props which are mounted to the truss girders by means of quick release devices; for greater heights, use with MULTIPROP shoring towers
  • No infill areas due to project-specific planning